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My name is Mihails Samoilovs. I’m professional beach volleyball player from Latvia and co-founder of BEACHVOLLEY.IO. Beach volleyball is my true life partner ever since I can remember. Beginning with sleeping in a tent and being woken up by people’s voices who fought for every point on the beach of Jurmala, till first steps in a career when I was 13, under the scrutiny of my coach and father Genadijs Samoilovs. All this has led to win U22 European Championship in 2018.

During the first years I played plenty of amateur tournaments, and only now understood major challenge of beach volleyball non-professional competitions – they are not centralized. I want to create an affordable platform to make organization and search of the tournaments easier all over the world. Together with BEACHVOLLEY.IO (by VERTEXO) we will spare no effort to bring in contributing to the achievement of this goal