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Standart format 2 vs 2, all the rules and playing system for each league we will tell you on Sunday evening after sign up is finished.


  • You have to find a partner to sign up for it! (you can use comment / post option in the Facebook group to search a partner if needed)
  • Tournament will be played in 5 devisions:
    1. MEN 1st League
    2. MEN 2nd League
    3. WOMEN 1st League
    4. WOMEN 2nd League
    5. MIX 

  • Sign up DEADLINE is the evening before tournament - Sunday, 22nd of October until 18:00! No changes can be made after this!
  • To sign up, you have to fill in information about you and your partner - including both emails and phone numbers! Also - please exchange phone numbers between you and your partner, to be able to always reach each other during tournament!
  • Entry list you can see here:
  • In case you want to make some changes after you have already signed up, please contact me, so there are no duplicates - let’s not make our work difficult :)


  • Startdatum:23/10/2023 09:00
  • Entry fee:0.00 EUR
  • Plaats:Calvia, Palmanova
  • ģ
  • Uiterste datum van inschrijving: 22/10/2023 18:00
  • Uiterste datum herroeping inschrijving: 22/10/2023 18:00
  • Categorieën: 2x2 Men 1 league, 2x2 Women 1 league, 2x2 Men 2 league, 2x2 Women 2 league, 2x2 Mixed
  • Organisator: Beach Box Camps




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