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TEQVOLY is a new sport that was born right after the fastest growing Hungarian innovation, Teqball. The idea of this new sport was to combine the advantages of the Teqball table with some of the basic elements of volleyball, and taking it to the next level by creating its own rules and scoring system. The rules have been designed to make the teqvoly rallies more exciting and more enjoyable. The hexagonal-shaped teqvoly court offers various spectacular and technical attack variations.


Teqvoly is played by two teams of two players.

A match is won by winning one or more sets depending on the competition format.

A set consists of two winning games. A game is won when a team reaches 8 points.

The server has two chances to execute a successful service. The serve must bounce only once on the opponent’s playing surface of the table.

Each team has a maximum of 3 touches, a minimum of 1 pass is required and passes need to alternate between players on the same team.

Returning the ball is only allowed if the ball is on your own team’s side. When returning the ball, it must bounce only once on the opposite side of the table. If the ball has been returned from inside of the lines to the opponent’s playing surface, the next return from the same team must be made from outside of the lines.

Each team has the right to request the chance to earn the ‘doublepoint’ once every set. The ‘doublepoint’ is a chance to gain 2 points instead of one in a single rally.

The ‘doublepoint’ can only be awarded to the team who requested it and legally scored the point. The ‘doublepoint’ may be requested by both teams at the same time.